The Wonder Beers announce new Album.

The Wonder Beers announce new Album.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016
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As fresh as an ice-cold beer, The Wonder Beers, bring you party punk anthems catchier than the clap… but in a good way. These three lads from Surrey formed the band while on a road trip in Europe, with the aim to party for a living.

Mixing the old school punk rock styles of Sham 69 and The Clash, with Green Day’s catchy 90’s pop punk, and the party attitude of Andrew WK, The Wonder Beers write party punk bangers which are targeted at anyone who needs cheering up, a good sing-a-long, a laugh, and pretty much anyone else.

The Wonder Beers have teamed up with Lockjaw Records to release their self-recorded, first full length album, ‘Geezers, on the 1st of July. The album sequentially runs through a good old fashioned boozey weekend with your best mates, from start to finish. Kicking off with the song ‘Thursday Is The New Friday’, rolling through to binge drinking shots on Friday, to warnings of ‘Stop Calling Me’ late on Saturday night. The Beers have successfully managed to distil the fun-time vibes of their gigs with the quintessential British weekend down the pub, making this a full-bodied album full of anthems and lots of heart.


Axe man, Pete explains, “The whole point of starting the band was toparty for a living, yes. But at the same time it was to write about your everyday goings on. Like going down the pub, getting too pissed with your mates, having a kebab etc. Nothing too heavy, the world is serious enough as it is. Our philosophy is grab yourself a beer and come and have a laugh. That’s what we’ve tried to capture, whilst making it sound as big as possible! The songs practically write themselves from that point”.

They have attracted fans from the old school and new school alike, and even from all different genres, which is something the band are really proud of, as bassist Charlie reflects “it’s amazing that we can appeal to multiple generations of punks. A tip of the hat from a punk who was there at the start of the movement in the 70’s is a great feeling, and it’s also good to know that we’re still relevant with the younger crowd of today”.

Over the past few years the band have been performing, they have been able to play some great festivals, including Cornbury Festival, 3 Chords Festival,Charlbury Festival, Hampshire’s Octoberfest, Undercover Festival, as well as many, many venues around the UK. With an ever increasing, rowdy fan base, the band have also landed some high profile support slots with bands like Zebrahead, UK Subs, Trash Boat, MC Devvo, Art Brut and many others.

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‘Geezers’ Tracklisting:

1. Thursday Is The New Friday
2. Walk of Shame
3. Anthem
4. Down the Shot
5. I Want A Pint
6. Skint Again
7. Meat And Chips
8. Toilet Epiphany
9. You Never Learn
10. Stop Calling Me
11. Geezers




Fancy joining the party?

30th June – The Cave, Addlestone
1st July – Boileroom, Guildford
10th July – Cornbury Festival
24th July – Charlbury Festival
7th Aug – Punk Rock BBQ, The Star, Guildford
13th Aug – Little Beer Co., Guildford
10th Sept – TBC, Canterbury
11th Sept – Always The Sun Festival, Guildford

For more on the band, follow the links bellow.

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