The Old Timers new album

The Old Timers new album

Thursday, 19 January 2017
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The Old-timers new release “Old Dogs New Tricks”, will be out on February 1, 2017.

Why is this so special you ask? Well, since the very first “Punkaholics Anonymous Show” went on air, back in September of 2013, there are a few dozen bands which we featured on our broadcasts, that we still follow today, not just because of their talent music wise, but also for their easy approach. The Old Timers are one such band.

But let’s talk about the new album, “Old Dogs New Tricks”.

We spoke to Donovan de Necker, guitarist and asked him if this was a “farewell and see you soon” from the trio:

“I am not aware if this is about farewell, or see you soon. We have a lot of singles and great music that were released as singles or found on our records, and we thought it would be great to put all those tracks together as one release, in a sort of best of manner for people to enjoy, its a nice retrospect of our music and growth.

He added:

David Emmerson, our vocalist, who is the big Kahuna behind Zap Records was mostly the brains behind this release. I think the songs beautifully capture the years of the Old-Timers up to now, spiritually, musically and even from a production point of view. The songs on here are a wonderful compilation of the growth of The Old-Timers, and one gets to experience that from our beginnings up to where we are today.”

Regarding plans for the future:

We will see, for now we are working on other projects and busy with life in general. The whole thing started out of fun, who would think that fun would go on for six years. We all have our own priorities and responsibilities to attend, whether family or other, making music is a privilege we have been able to share with others. We are hoping people will enjoy this compilation / retrospect of our career up to now, certainly we believe its our best stuff.

Album artwork courtesy of Wiley Willis


Track Listing:
1. These Grey Hairs
2. The Ramp Locals Part II
3. This City (Extended Cut)
4. This State
5. Soli Deo Gloria (feat. J-son Infirmities)
6. Turnbull ACs
7. Let’s Celebrate Christmas
8. No Regrets (feat. Sef Idle)
9. Mammon
10. Joe #1
11. Axios
12. For The Love of Hippos (feat. Scott Key)
13. Hole In My Heart
14. Father God I Wonder
15. Televangelist
16. Homeless Friends (feat. Ninah Llopis)
17. Broken Glass
18. Walking Stick
19. Sing What You See
20. Fun Times

The album will be a joint release by ZAP Records and Thumper Punk Records

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