Popes of Chillitown – “To the Moon” Review

Popes of Chillitown – “To the Moon” Review

Monday, 10 August 2015

When I first sat down to do a review of this Ska /Dub taunting album entitled “To The Moon” from the Londoners  Popes Of Chillitown, after having listened to the album the previous days non stop, one thought kept popping on my mind, this his how you should do an album, in such a way that people will listen to it and actually be induced into a journey and left with the distinct feeling that you have to go and see these “stories” played live and in color.

With tracks like “Vamos a la Luna”, “Voluntary Execution” and “Wisdom Teeth”, that will make you full on skank around, even if you are in a Public Library, stuck in traffic or changing the diapers of your two year old baby.

“Wisdom Teeth” Music Video


Tracks like “Mummy’s Busy”will make you shake about, musically and mentally, but every song has a message that they succeed to bring to your ears, even if you are too busy to notice it.




1.Vamos a la Luna
2.Mummy’s Busy
5.Voluntary Execution
6.Too Much
8.14 Time
9.Wisdom Teeth
10.Hey You
11.Every Day


All in all, this is an album we think you should have on your music collection, whatever platform you choose to do it on, and hear it for yourselves.

“To The Moon” is available on Bandcamp, Itunes and Spotify.


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Review by @MikeA

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